Art using Fabrics

So this year, I decided to do something different.  But what?  How to make some new work that wasn’t ‘just another painting’.  After all, Birr Vintage Week and Arts Festival is full of wonderful artworks;  and after all, being involved in organising the visual arts brings a lot of hard work. And there’s  all that framing and mounting, and hanging and invigilating.  Ah, let’s just go and play with some fabric.  And guess what – something lovely emerged!
Fragile Beauty. The peacock is almost to fabulous to actually exist; the gorgeous fabrics are here matched by his shimmering crest.
The way this piece came together – almost in spite of me- felt like being at an improv jazz session.
Sounds of the Past
Ths sounds of ancient Ireland sang out in this Tara Brooch lookalike
That Summer Day
That Summer Day felt like the shimmering heat of a desert landscape
Why, she said
‘Why, she said’ reaches out on many levels.

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